Dental RCM (Revenue Cycle Management)

Health Tech has a deep understanding of Dental RCM. We specialize in working with dentists, orthodontists and dental offices. As a dental provider, your primary focus is your patient’s health. On the other hand, it is equally important to stay on top of your revenue cycle management. Because if revenues are not in order, your practice is at a financial risk.

Our detailed processes ensure that your dental practice does not lose focus on patients. Our Dental RCM services improve your revenue cycle management and creates more consistent patient payments, leading to increased revenues at low costs.

Keeping account receivables low from day to day can have a positive impact on patient satisfaction and the health of your practice. In addition, we help dentists understand which claims are most likely to have problems. We work with you to design specific solutions for your practice.

We provide end to end billing solutions for dental practices. Right from approving patients for prior services, coding, filing claims, settling back payments, managing denials, preparing reports, and patients collections etc. Here’s a look at our dental RCM services.


We verify the insurance coverage for patients prior to their appointment. This includes verifying their policies, start dates and expiry dates. Apart from validating coverage, we also verify benefits. Our providers have experienced lower denial rates with benefits verification services. We make a list of routine services that your practice performs. A comprehensive verification is then done with the patient’s insurance company. You can get a good overview of what will be covered before performing the procedure. And the patient is also relaxed knowing what their out of pocket expenses will be.


Our dental claim submission services help healthcare providers simplify management of insurance claims. Our claim submission services ensure clean claims with fewer denials. We identify and correct incomplete claims to ensure you get timely payments.


We provide accounts receivable and denial management services. Our services provide quick payments and resubmissions of claims in case of denials. We provide a systematic and detailed approach which ensures accurate payments of claims. We investigate every denied claim and focus on resolving the issue. We also resubmit the request to the insurance company in case of denials.


We provide payment posting services which processes different types of remittances. Our services ensure a high degree of accuracy and improved responsiveness . We provide services according to procedures defined by our clients. we verify incorrect claims denials and rectify inaccurate processed insurance payments. We ensure confidentiality and integrity of client’s and patient’s financial data.